On Software Security

For stable and secure software we need continuous test. For test we need a very-well disciplined community which has a clean code of conduct agreement and coding rules. We have decided to create five branches such as:

  • devel-x
  • devel is development branch. It is not stable yet.

  • master-x
  • master is main branch for users/communities.

  • stable-x
  • stable is current stable branch.

  • oldstable-x
  • oldstable is old version but supported.

  • legacy-x
  • legacy is old version and not supported.

Responsibility of Masscollabs Services Core Team

Masscollabs Services core team is responsible from maintaining all of the organization repositories, giving support to community members and customers.And also have permission to delete content from the organization repository.

For security issues please create support record on our support page