Copyright and Code of Conduct Update

We build our own infrastructure day by day. And we make teams and services for the Internet Cyberspace and the Internet*. We never exploit software or people. So we will include your copyright to our information database. An example is Copyright (C) 2020,2021 Masscollabs Services, Masscollaboration Labs, amassivus, procyberian, hwpplayers and when you contribute it […]

Convergents perspective of Masscollabs Services

“Convergents” by hwpplayer1 within Masscollabs Services Summary The operating system and the conditions of software production in our world have been developed so far so good today, when the use of it and production of computers has increased relatively. However, although anyone can be an author, some people should also serve these authors. This is […]

Our Convergence Model

Our Convergence Model 1. Prototype strategy and their licenses There are many projects in free software , open source and other software world in these days. Implementing one single science theory is a good ability of course. But when you don’t know what’s going on in this universe you make effort unfortunately for nothing. You […]