Free Hardware by Masscollabs Services for the Internet Cyberspace

Free Hardware by Masscollabs Services for the Internet Cyberspace for the all presentations

Masscollabs is for the Internet Cyberspace for Software, Hardware and Science…

Hardware is the “interface” or “hub” which connects brain and actions together so which is why we want it to be vendor free including free from us

Anyday we live in a society that grows faster for a dynamic consciousness. We Masscollabs Services dream a nonstop working convergent infrastructures for the Internet Cyberspace. Which is why we focus on Security in any sense.

We plan a computer suite which is completely “free as in freedom” and not relied on any technology or vendor for the Internet Cyberspace called in our understanding amassivus is a derivative word amassing means continuously and rapidly growing

As we focus on Cloud and Networking/Internet our technologies will be focused on open collaboration and privacy technically done with a perfectionist approach that dynamically accessed by the committers who runs the related hardware. In simple words you will be able to hack your own hardware and software and algorithms

Without Science Art Philosophy Culture there is no algorithm in other words there is no solution. Our culture is Ubuntu which means a person is a person for another person. Simply We DO NOT EXPLOIT but We converge any teams for the Internet Cyberspace as in collective consciousness to connect or realize new ways of committing to the open infrastructures

We Masscollabs Services is leading to Software, Hardware and Science for the Internet Cyberspace with our own consciousness. We have our own roadmap and this is why we say we are a Free Software project. This is an open way to software and open infrastructures

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