Copyright and Code of Conduct Update

We build our own infrastructure day by day. And we make teams and services for the Internet Cyberspace and the Internet*. We never exploit software or people. So we will include your copyright to our information database. An example is

Copyright (C) 2020,2021 Masscollabs Services, Masscollaboration Labs, amassivus, procyberian, hwpplayers

and when you contribute it will be

Copyright (C) 2020,2021 “A Company”
Copyright (C) 2020,2021 “An Individual”
Copyright (C) 2020,2021 “A Foundation or Association”
Copyright (C) 2020,2021 “And any organization”

For our Gitea Instances we have only one priority. Please publish your projects within an organization with a legal name which does not violates copyright.

And by getting feedback from our own instance members and all around world we will update our policies such as licensing, code of conduct and infrastructure.

Happy Hacking!

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