Research Internet on Space for the Internet Cyberspace is our artwork remix. And is our Git organization’s repository. Happy Space Travel ! Masscollabs Services is for the Internet Cyberspace :: An open way to software and open infrastructures We Masscollabs Services is leading to Software, Hardware and Science for the Internet Cyberspace with our own consciousness. We have our own roadmap […]

Masscollabs Services for “Open Projects”

Our priority is to manage an Open Infrastructure for the Internet Cyberspace How to serve a safe environment for all organizations and their teams within our Git instances Helping the original code base while helping forks and mirrors Research and Training for the Internet Cyberspace authors Frequently Reports to the Internet Cyberspace and related projects’s […]

A person is a person for another person :: Our Core Values

Masscollabs ServicesA person is a person for another person We have a dream! We want to encourage people with “disabilities” to develop their own business.“A person is a person for another person” Our priority is to develop open infrastructures for Internet Cyperspace and Internet* For that reason we build OPEN communities within our domain and […]

Copyright and Code of Conduct Update

We build our own infrastructure day by day. And we make teams and services for the Internet Cyberspace and the Internet*. We never exploit software or people. So we will include your copyright to our information database. An example is Copyright (C) 2020,2021 Masscollabs Services, Masscollaboration Labs, amassivus, procyberian, hwpplayers and when you contribute it […]